Spider-man: Home Coming

Warning - Spoilers!

Omg! I loved this film!

So as many of you know I am a massive Spider-man fan!
I grew up on these comics and I love that Peter Parker is such a unique comic book hero to start off with.

The Marvel range of movies is as popular as ever Spider-man is the latest release to show off the awesome web slinging superhero. Being one of Marvels most, if not the most, televised of its superheroes I have seen them all and read them all.

We could go into the comic book comparisons, but then this is meant to be a movie review not a comic book review.

The first spider-man I ever saw was from the cartoon which featured on Saturday mornings on television in 1994 and I was quickly hooked. Just a few years later and re-runs of the 1977 (a year before I was born) incarnation Nicholas Hammond’s web slinging, utility belt wearing version in The Amazing Spider-Man and I became a lifelong Spider-man fan.

In 2002 Tobey Maguire was cast as Peter Parker and Spider-man hit our screens. It was fantastic! The outfit was tactile and gorgous.. I fell in love with Kirsten Dunst (Not for the last time, thanks to Wimbledon, 2004 and Elizabeth Town, 2005). I love the Maguire version of Spider-man, and although it was slated by many, the Dark Spider-man (venom suit wearing, Peter Parker), was fantastic. The jazz bar scene summed up the inner struggle that Peter Parker has it was amazing!

2012, saw Andrew Garfield pull on the tights and a new twist to the origin story preceded a great interpretation of the character. I was a little put off by Andrew Garfield to start of with, but the Peter Parker I’ve known for years was there and the Garfield Spider-man grew on me, thanks to great casting of Aunt May.
I also loved that Gwen was the love interest, as per the original comics post Mary Jane! Though the killing off of Gwen was a massive shock.. I mean come on… she was meant to go to Europe because she blamed Spider-man for the death of her father…

Anyway… back to the point! Tom Holland was introduced as Spider-man in Civil War and the Internet Blew Up! Boom… Bang.. What… omg… awesome! 🙂 I was no exception.

At first I thought… mmm another incarnation… lets hope marvel don’t screw this up! But then he appeared on screen during a fight between the warring avengers in Germany and he looked glorious! Yes… he was the iconic Spider-man colour scheme, with active-iris eyes and oh boy was I excited!

Having just seen the film I can now point out a few things that I truly loved… Yes… spoilers… careful…

  1. Love Interest is gone! Great lets go to core Marvel Comics… During the self discovery phase, for Spider-man love was far from his mind. 2017 and we have a little love interest but it’s certainly not a major part of the movie and she shifts left by the end of the movie.
  2. Ethnic diversity! Holy shit… How cool is it that the casting team were completely racially/ethnically blind!
    eg. Flash Thompson is not the usual 6’2″ white ‘Jock’, but rather a 5’8″ Indian Academic. He’s still a bully but rather using words than fists for the most part.
  3. Happy is back! Tony Starks chauffeur/runner Happy Hogan takes a pretty decent role as the liaison between Stark and Peter. As you may know I am a massive John Favreau fan. Both of his directing (Err… Jungle Book)  and acting (Chef!!), so to see him have more than a short cameo was fantastic.
  4. Michael Keaton plays a bad guy! Yup, Keaton who is known to most non-movie-geeks as, “oh he did Batman”, has moved from DC to Marvel… (well not really but you get my point). He is phenomenally good as the bad guy and the re-introduction just as you think it’s almost all over was brilliant.
    As this guy gets older, the darkness inside the actor really starts to come through in the most delicious way possible.

So… what about the questions I have about this movie.
There are not many to be fair… but a couple I REALLY would like to answer are….

  1. Ned? Who the hell is Ned?
    Even IMDB only has him listed as Ned… No surname… Could it be Ned Leeds?
    In the comics Ned Leeds is a reporter with the Bugle and marries, Peters love interest Betty Brant…
    Ned Leeds later goes on to become the third(?) incarnation of the Goblin… The fact that 2017 Ned is an overweight school friend of Peters and has, at this point, about as much chance of becoming the Goblin as I do, I think it’s unlikely.. That and the fact this version of Ned is Mexican! Perhaps it’s just a ‘nod’ to the comics?
  2. No Harry?

    So with no Harry Osborne playing school friend, does this mean we’ll get to meet Harry in a future movie?
    For those that don’t know, Harry Osborne originally met Peter Parker at University. Harry did not like peter, because gwen took an interest. It’d be nice to have this sub-plot play out nicely

Ok… I am done with the blog review… there is simply just too much to talk about this post could go on forever.. if you made it this far… well done!

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

The PDS Review

Excitement - 98%
Story - 98%
Characters - 94%



Amazing film that I'll be getting on Blu-ray the day of release!

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