The Circle

Don't confuse it with the film, Circle (2015)

Mmmm ok, like the sub-heading says, don’t confuse this movie with Circle, the 2015, horror slash thriller about people dying in a room… You can check that one out on IMDB here

Tom Hanks, not only stars in but co-produced this… It’s a Netflix film and that, for the most part should be enough to convince you to watch it. Let’s face it, Netflix are printing money with their movies and television series at the moment.

Emma Watson (The chick from Harry Potter), is our lead protagonist. She plays a temp that is struggling with everything in her life. From her lack of real friendship, the using of male friends to facilitate an end result and a father with multiple sclerosis. She is a true loner, preferring to spend time on her own than confide in what must be a very small circle of friends.

Watsons character, Mae, takes a job at a ‘facebook style’, tech firm where social interaction is as important as just doing your job.

The movie outlines just how connected we are in the real world. Whilst watching the movie, I myself, identified with a number of tech advantages being offered by The Circle (that’s the name of the company, by the way) and whilst some are fantastic the overall aspect to the film is the removal of privacy. The epitaph being that no matter what we think our privacy is worth, we are wrong… and we should all be, ‘transparent’.

The movie, pushes on the intellectual and socially responsibly viewer by identifying where full social media, digital integration would be not only a good idea, but ethically a well conceived way to make the world a better place.

This of course goes wrong and someone gets hurt..

The movie touches upon the working pressure experienced by one of Watsons friends, but doesn’t really show a proper path > conclusion so you are left wanting…

In fact there are several sub-plots that start, but there is no follow through and thanks to the awesome way James Ponsoldt (dir.) introduces the characters to you, it’s easy to form an attachment to the character and then be left with an empty conclusion. A shame!

The final act is rather predictable but the film is certainly worth a watch if you have an active Netflix account!

The PDS Review

Excitement - 69%
Story - 87%
Characters - 60%



I wouldn't suggest you take a Netflix subscription for the movie, but if you've got one, take it for a spin one Thursday evening.

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