Wonder Woman

Definitely Getting This on BluRay

First and foremost I should say that getting around to watching this film has taken way too long!
It’s a DC movie and the first one to feature the new DC intro…
Check it out here…¬†

So the downsides… it was a little bit predictable but the twist at the end was unexpected and very welcome.
It’s hard not to give away spoilers for those who have not seen it, but I’m not going to do it.

Gal Gadot, stars at the heroine, Diana Prince! I must say, she was a great choice. Not only is she a very pretty actress but she fits the role really well. The origin has been re-invented slightly and being the DC purist I am it was a little annoying, but Director Patty Jenkins did a great job making me forget about that.

Costume was pretty good too… In a lot of the previews/trailers it was hard to tell much about the colouring of her costume-But the blue, red and gold are all there! Awesome!

There was a few continuity errors that did a good job of ruining the illusion for me but again put this behind you and the film is fluid and you are never left feeling bored!

It’s definitely worth a watch. All be it the most marvel-esque film out there it’s still DC at the root and will be a great forerunner to the new Justice League movie!

The PDS Review

Excitement - 90%
Story - 90%
Characters - 94%



Great film with solid characters and a good strong storyline

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