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Weight Loss and Avatars!

So I was doing a bitmoji avatar thing for snapchat the other day!
I like the fact you can make your avatar chubby/fat etc…

It made me smile. As we all know I am not exactly small! I’ve lost loads of weight recently, primarily by drinking less coke and trying (it’s hard) to consume less sugar. I still find myself in the evenings having sugar cravings. What do you expect! Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. That certainly makes me feel better when I am eating chocolate ¬†at 1am before going to sleep. Sat in bed, watching a movie or doing some work and a bar of chocolate and glass of ice cold milk on the bedside table.

Actually. It’s 10:25pm and we are getting ready to go to bed as I finish this.. and I’ve just ask The Wife to get me a glass of milk! That’ll be a pint… she won’t ask how much I want.. it’s obvious! I always drink in pints!

Anyway… the Avatar Bitmoji thing was cool! It would be nice if Avatars could also show the bags under my eyes and the grey in my hair and beard? I guess that’s not really what people want from an avatar.

Anyway… That’s me done! Night!

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