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Dive: Long Quarry, Torbay!

I Nailed My 1 Hour Dive!

Today we dived a lovely 10m reef called Long Quarry Reef!
a lovely dive spot right next to the old Lime Stone Quarry near our favourite dive site, Babbacombe. Big rocks that fell from the quarry into the sea created beautiful natural reef with loads of live living there. It is a great dive for beginners as well for experienced divers.

Geoff, Korben and I love this dive site because it’s got plenty for us all to see.
We started the dive as a group of four. When Geoff was down to his, ‘turn air’, I asked Korben (who had less than 100bar remaining) and Geoff, to buddy up and head to the surface, which they did.

I then continued to dive with Graham and we managed to easily reach an hour and 6 minutes. The ceiling was 1 hour so we had to end out dive at 1 hour and start our slow descent!

What a great dive. I had anted to beat the 1 hour mark for ages and this was the day to do it.

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