Scuba Diving

The Boy starts his Advanced Open Water!

So this morning we had a little bit of a mad rush to get The Boy down to the college nice and early!
It’s curriculum enrichment week and Okehampton College have given the kids the opportunity to learn to Scuba Dive. Obviously, The Boy, is already a qualified scuba diver, to Open Water PADI level.

When it was announced, last year, I made a few phone calls and the Dive Club and college agreed to allow The Boy, to do his Advanced course at the same time! Ideal…

Well, turns out the College are about as organised a bag of wet socks. Okehampton College really are bloody useless. I’ll go into details on another blog post when I rant about crap the college are, but that will be at a later date.

The Boy spent the day in the pool with his mates doing basic skills. Always a great idea to refresh your skills and unlike his classmates, by the end of the week he’ll be diving to deeper depths and on a wreck.

I am really excited for him and can’t wait for us to dive when he is newly certified!

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